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Based on the long-term expertise from the scientific field, we have developed special measuring equipment for skin testing to promote cosmetic products or treatments at the point of sale in aesthetic salons or at the dermatologist's practice. The devices vary from small handheld units and flexible battery operated devices to multi-functional cameras and probe systems with convenient and sophisticated software to determine the needs of the skin and to recommend adequate skin care products. Select from a variety of possibilities:

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Software SCS - Skin Competence System

Software Skin Competence System (SCS)

The new generation of skin analysis application will lift your cosmetic consulting to a new level

The attractive, modern software SCS – Skin Competence System supports facial skin, hair & body measurements including cameras and full face photography all in one programme. A must-have to support your professional skin care- and treatment recommendations. Build your consultation system exactly the way you need it from 7 essential probes, 2 cameras, full-face photography and more than 20 different parameters.

Multi Dermascope MDS 1000

Multi Dermascope MDS 1000

Multifunction Skin Analysis
Measure skin hydration, oil, elasticity and pigmentation (to recommend sunscreens). Camera images frozen on its monitor complement the skin consultation.
Multi Skin Test Center MC 1000

Multi Skin Test Center MC 1000

Standout with Excellent Cosmetic Advice

Create your own measurement tool by adding probes of your choice and promote your cosmetic products and treatments with sophisticated software. Increase the sales of products and treatments with a unique service distinguishing you from the competitors. Together with the attractive, modern software SCS – Skin Competence System it will take your cosmetic consulting to a new level. Build your skin analysis system exactly the way you need it by choosing from 7 essential probes. In combination with the Visioscope® camera with different illumination modes, more than 15 different measurement parameters are to your disposal.

Multi Skin Test Center MC 7500

Multi Skin Test Center MC 750

Simply Create your own Skin Measuring Device and Perform Analyses with Amazing Software

Build your skin analysis system exactly the way you need it by choosing from 7 essential probes, two cameras with different illumination modes and more than 15 different measurement parameters in the modern & sophisticated software SCS – Skin Competence System.

Visioscope® PC 35

Visioscope® PC 35

A Close Look on Skin & Hair

Unique USB skin camera to look at certain skin areas in detail. Together with the attractive, modern software SCS - Skin Competence System, you have a convincing tool for cosmetic consultation at your disposal.

VisioFace® 1000 D

VisioFace® 1000 D

Full Face Photography for Automatic Analysis and Cosmetic Product Recommendation

Take high resolution full face photographs under standardized illumination and position and analyse the images impressively by the stunning software SCS – Skin Competence System.

Pen Station

Pen-shaped Probes & Camera with Handheld Monitor System

Quick and Easy Skin Analysis and Imaging Anywhere at the Point of Sale
The battery operated pen probes and the convenient palm-shaped camera-monitor system allow flexible skin type analysis in no time.
Sebu Pad, Sebufix® and Corneofix® are useful in many ways

Sebufix® F 16 & Corneofix® F 20 & Sebu Pad SP 49

Three Specialists to Look at Sebum and Dryness in Very Easy Ways
Use special foils in many applications for the quick & easy promotion of skin care products without any limits.
Visiopor® PP 34 N

Visiopor® PP 34 N

Showing Porphyrin Fluorescence

Porphyrins are produced by the Cutibacterium acnes that occurs in the natural bacterial flora of human skin (skin flora). Under certain UV illumination, the porphyrins can be recognized by their orange-red fluorescence. With a corresponding predisposition, they can lead to the development of acne. The Visiopor® camera uses a specific UV-light with polarisation filters to visualize the fluorescence impressively.

Beauty Analyzer B 3

Beauty Analyzer B 3

Quick & Easy Skin Type Determination

The device measures quickly and easily the 3 most interesting skin parameters: skin hydration, oil and pigmentation. Recommend skin care and sun care products efficiently and use it at all points of sale and in the institute.

Skin Diagnostic SD 27

Skin Diagnostic SD 27

Quick & Easy Basic Skin Type Determination

Analyse the two parameters determining the skin type: skin hydration and oil, indispensable to recommend all basic skin care products.

Skin Pigmentation Analyzer SPA 99

Skin Pigmentation Analyzer SPA 99

Determine your Customers' Skin Colour

Recommended instrument for advising on sun care, skin whiteners, and IPL/laser treatment consultation by the measurement of pigmentation and erythema.

Skin Diagnostic SD 202

Skin Diagnostic SD 202

For every measurement the suitable device

Quick and easy measurement of moisture, sebum and melanin (pigmentation)/erythema (redness). Configurations with other probes are possible as well.

Software Dermacheck 3000

Software Dermacheck 3000

Software for Multipurpose Use: Dermatoscopy and IPL/Laser Treatment Consulting
Dermacheck 3000 offers interesting measurement modules for the use in a salon or a sophisticated aesthetic institute. It combines measurements with probes for different skin parameters as well as camera images of the skin, dermatoscopy and laser/IPL treatment consulting by melanin and erythema measurement.
customized devices

Customized Devices & Software

Are you a cosmetic company and looking for a new way to increase the sales of your products and brands?

Our worldwide acknowledged skin testing instruments help you to get ahead of your competitors.


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