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Mexameter® MX 18

Assessing Melanin Content and Erythema Level

The Mexameter® MX 18 is a very easy, quick and economical tool to measure the two components, mainly responsible for the colour of the skin: melanin and haemoglobin (erythema) by reflectance.

  • Advantages of the Mexameter®

    • Very quick and easy measurement (1 second for the results: melanin index and erythema index).
    • Continuous measurements over a longer period can optionally be performed.
    • The highly sensitive measurement gives values on a broad scale (0-999) for melanin and erythema so that even smallest changes in colour become traceable.
    • The probe is small and lightweight for easy handling and measurement on all body sites.
    • A spring in the probe head ensures constant pressure on the skin enabling exact, reproducible measurements.
    • The accuracy of the Mexameter® probe can be checked easily anytime.
    • The probe head can easily be cleaned after each measurement.
    • Worldwide established and used in many scientific studies.

    The Mexameter® MX 18 is available as a stand-alone device or connectable to the MPA systems or as a wireless probe (please see details in Basic Probe Systems).

    Mexameter® - assessing melanin and erythema
    Stand-alone Mexameter® MDD
    Mexameter® also as wireless probe available
  • Measurement principle

    Mexametere principle eThe measurement is based on absorption/reflection. The probe of the Mexameter® MX 18 emits three specific light wavelengths. A receiver measures the light reflected by the skin. As the quantity of emitted light is defined, the quantity of light absorbed by the skin can be calculated. The melanin is measured by two specific wavelengths (red: 660 nm and near infrared: 880 nm) chosen to correspond to different absorption rates by the pigments. For the erythema measurement two specific wavelengths are used (green: 568 nm and red: 660 nm), corresponding to the spectral absorption peak of haemoglobin and to avoid other colour influences (e. g. bilirubin).

  • Fields of Applications

    Ethinic faces - MexameterThere are many fields of application where changes in the skin colour are of interest. Many international scientific studies demonstrate its benefits in all important dermatological basic research in humans and animals and cosmetic application fields.

    • It is indispensable in efficacy testing and claim support for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals 
    • Typical claims (examples) substantiated with the Mexameter®: sun protecting, whitening/brightening, skin tone correcting, concealing, soothing, micro circulation increasing, vitalising, anti-allergic, anti-irritation, Sonnencreme - Mexametersafe, for sensitive skin, anti-pollution, improves healing, anti-aging, against dark-spots/age-spots/couperosis/dark-circles, anti-photosensitive and many more.
    • In occupational health the skin irritation (erythema value) is of special interest to show the necessity of skin protection measures.
  • Technical Data

    Probe only:

    Dimensions: 13 cm x 2.4 cm Ø, Measuring surface: Ø 5 mm ≈ 19.6 mm², Cable length: approx. 1.3 m, Weight: 85 g (incl. cable)

    Measurement principle: absorption/reflection, Nominal wavelengths: 3 colour measuring system green: λ peak = 568 nm, red: λ peak = 660 nm, near infrared: λ peak = 880 nm, Units: arbitrary Mexameter® units (0-999 for melanin and erythema), Measurement time: 1 s, Measurement uncertainty: ± 5%

    For the technical data of the wireless probe, please see Basic Probe Systems.

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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