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Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

Software Complete Skin Investigation (CSI)

The comprehensive program to perform various skin analyses and to recommend products and treatments

The software CSI - Complete Skin Investigation supports skin & hair measurements, camera close up images from the skin and the full face photography all in one programme.

  • Advantages of the software

    CSI start e
    • Attractive convenient software to support the devices: Multi Skin Test Center MC 1000, MC 750, the camera Visioscope® PC 35 and the VisioFace® 1000 D and the VisioFace® lite.
    • Extremely easy to handle and full of possibilities: Measurements with probes (for skin care, sun product recommendation and hair care consulting), camera skin & hair images and full face photography in one software.
    • Enter your products for skin care, sun care and hair care and have them automatically recommended according to age, gender, answers to certain questions and the measurement results.
    • The interpretation of measurements is done according to the age group. However, you can set your own interpretation scales according to your experience, the ethnical background or climate conditions.
    • The software is available in many different languages and can easily be translated in any other language.
    • It can easily be customized to your needs (edit your questionnaire and products, change the colour, name, logos and images).
  • Starting the software

    CSI person e

    Customer Data

    Enter your customer's data, if you wish. If a webcam is connected, even a portrait can be saved with the data. Link directly in the program to your privacy policy.

    If you do not wish to save the data, just "jump" in the analyses. You may enter the customer's data, if needed at any later point in time.

    Settings in the CSI Software

    Select one of many languages.

    Enter all your brands, products and treatments and link them with the age, gender, answers to questions and measurement results, to recommend exactly the correct products for each customer.

    If desired, enter your own questionnaire and answer possibilities.

    Customize your software by selecting a name, exchanging pictures and logos and adapt it to your colour world. Only a few clicks will give a completely different face to the software to match your CI.

    Enter your own brands and products
    link the products to questions and answers in the software
    Change the software to your CI with a few mouse clicks
  • The programmes

    Einzelmessungen mit allen Parametern

    Single Measurements

    With any connected probe you can perform measurements on all body sites in all orders for all different applications (at the dermatologist, esthetician, in a spa, etc.).

    Camera measurements with the Visioscope® PC 35

    Put images of different sites, or taken at different times or with different polarization light side by side and view them with your customer.

    Analyse the “Big Five” for cosmetic consulting in the image:

    • Pores, spots (and complex spots) and wrinkles

    pore analysis
    mark pigmented spots
    lines and wrinkles

    Sebufix® analysis
    Corneofix® - scaliness/desquamation evaluation
    Skin Type Analysis

    Combine a questionnaire on the skin with measurements of hydration, sebum and elasticity (and camera images) to a skin type. The software automatically recommends the suitable products (cleansers, day care, night care, treatments, additional products and many more) according to the measurement results and the answers to the questions and creates a nice printout for the customer.

    CSI - questionnaire on the skin
    measurement of hydration and sebum for female and male customers
    measurement of skin elasticity
    overview over the results
    cosmetic recommendation
    printout with results and recommended products
    Sun Care Recommendation

    Combine a questionnaire with pigmentation measurements of the skin and some information on the sun intensity (where and when the customer wants to be in the sun, for how long and if there is reflection due to water or snow). The result is the self-protection time and the SPF needed to be save in the sun. An ideal tool to promote sun screen and after sun products.

    Questions and measurement of melanin at exposed and unexposed skin sites
    sun protection consulting with product recommendation

    Hair Care Consulting

    A questionnaire (partly supported by camera images of hair and scalp), the measurement of hair colour and hair sebum lead to a perfect individual recommendation of hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, masks, and many more). A nice printout for the customer can be created.

    sebum measurement on hair and scalp
    measuring hair colour
    camera supported questions about hair and scalp
    CSI - summary of the hair analysis

  • Full face photography with the VisioFace®

    The CSI software supports the VisioFace® 1000 D and the VisioFace® lite for full face photography under standardised conditions.

    • Before taking an image, overlay the previous image of the customer over the live image in the software as a "ghost image" to help matching exactly the same position.
    • Zoom into 4 images of the same person simultaneously to study changes.
    • When zooming into the image, even slightest details of the skin can be studied.
    • Analyse all 4 images at the same time to monitor changes.
    detailed images of the full face - frontally or laterally
    zoom into up to 4 images simultaneously
    analyses of all images ...
    ... can be printed with the results

    • The software marks and calculates fine and large pores: number, size and area (in pixel).
    • It calculate wrinkles (area, surface and volume in pixel) by clicking in the respective wrinkle.
    • It assesses colour differences on the skin in lightness (L*) and in ΔE.
    • It monitors visible spots and calculates their number, size and area (in pixel).
    • Even though the VisioFace® used only white light to take the image, the software produces "UV-like" images to show sun damage and premature skin aging.
    • Highlight details of the image as 3D.

    For all calculations sophisticated reports can be printed.

    VisioFace® analysis of fine and large pores

    VisioFace® analysis of fine and large pores

    VisioFace® wrinkle assessment

    VisioFace® wrinkle assessment

    VisioFace® analysis of colour differences

    VisioFace® analysis of colour differences

    VisioFace® spot analysis

    VisioFace® spot analysis

    VisioFace® UV-like image

    VisioFace® UV-like image

    VisioFace® "3D" image

    VisioFace® "3D" image

  • Technical Data

    Software for Windows® 10. Please ask for details on the system requirements.

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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