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Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

VisioFace® 1000 D

Full Face Photography for Automatic Analysis and Cosmetic Product Recommendation

Take high resolution full face photographs under standardized illumination and position and analyse the images impressively by the stunning software SCS – Skin Competence System.
Check out some of the amazing features in a quick video clip.
VisioFace® YouTube video 

  • Advantages of the VisioFace®

    Visioface1000 D

    • The best combination of powerful hard- and software and economical price. Together with the impressive software SCS - Skin Competence System, an unbeatable system! 
    • High resolution reflex camera integrated.
    • Stable, long lasting and extremely homogeneous illumination of the face by 210 white light LEDs, without developing heat.
    • Head and chin rest for the exact position for a frontal image and images taken laterally.
    • When not in used the device is lit by an attractive stand-by illumination.
    • Easy to clean head and chin rests.
    • The software automatically analyses various parameters of interest in the image, and allows recommendations on care products and treatments after each session.
    • Simply connect device to computer by USB. The device features an additional USB hub to connect e.g. the Visioscope® camera, thus creating a unique combination of viewing the full face together with detailed images of face and body.
  • Software SCS - Skin Competence System

    • The unique software with sophisticated features is a must-have for your cosmetic consultation.
    • Take frontal and/or lateral facial images in one session.
    • Automatic placement of the optimal ROI by sophisticated face recognition.

    VisioFace® automatic face recognition will position ROI automatically

    VisioFace® automatic face recognition will position ROI automatically

    Take frontal and/or lateral images with the VisioFace®

    Take frontal and/or lateral images with the VisioFace®

    • Unique help for repositioning over time: an overlay image fluorescent in the landmarks.
    • Swipe impressive filters and a magnifier over the images. Pigmentation and blood vessels as well as pigmented spots “as under UV light” become more visible with special enhancements. Zoom into the images to study details. Use this feature to impress your customer and discuss what you see.

     scs visioface2scs visioface uvscs visioface3

    •  Wrinkles, pores, spots and evenness of complexion are automatically calculated within seconds. Show parts of the face in 3D to your customer.

    VisioFace® - analysis of lines & wrinkles, partial "3D" animation
    VisioFace® - evenness of complexion analysis
    VisioFace® - see fine and coarse pores in the image

    • Summary and reports for your customer: The application generates an attractive, intuitive summary with the images, general information on the skin type and skin care recommendations for your customers.
    • Identify consulting and treatment potentials and then document the results.
    • Unique advantage: Work with VisioFace® and the popular C+K probes (e.g. for measuring elasticity, the TEWL index for barrier assessment, and many more) and the Visioscope® and Visiopor® skin cameras together in one programme.
  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: 54 x 50 x 44 cm, Weight: approx. 11.4 kg (with accessories 13.8 kg) Illumination: 210 White light LEDs, Camera: Canon EOS series Power Supply: external 100-250 V, 47-63 Hz, DC 12V/4A, Port: USB 2.0, type B connector

    Hub to connect another C+K device (e.g. the C+K Visioscope®) via USB o the unit.

    Computer: Windows® 10/11, USB 2.0/3.0, computer performance must meet system requirements (please ask for details).

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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