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Software MPA CTplus

Sophisticated software for the C+K probe family

This software is a revolutionary step into a modern use of the C+K probe family and offers a variety of  convenient features to facilitate your work.

  • Main advantages at a glance

    • For the first time Cutometer® and all other scientific C+K probes can be operated in one software easily and conveniently.
    • Software works with any MPA systems and Cutometer® Dual MPA 580 as well as Multi Display Devices (MDD) and supports several devices at the same time. It also supports the Meibometer® MB 560.

    MPA 6

    MPA 6

    MPA 10

    MPA 10

    Cutometer® Dual MPA 580

    Cutometer® Dual MPA 580

    MPA 2

    MPA 2

    Multi Display Device MDD

    Multi Display Device MDD

    • MPACTplus connected probesConvenient, intuitive, modern software, easy to navigate.
    • Perform free measurements anywhere, with any probe in any order or use the study manager to design your study and save as many clicks & as much time as possible.
    • Easy organization of the measurements in sessions and takes.
    • Graphical display of the measurements and numerical result values side by side.
    • When the Ambient Condition Sensor RHT 400 is connected, relative humidity and temperature are constantly recorded and saved with the measurements.

    MPACTplus ambient conditions

    • Tags: new, modern way of identifying measurements in the database.
    • All information go into the database, convenient possibility of filtering the data you want to export for statistical analysis with special export assistant.
    • Easy and self-explanatory check calibration function for the probes with report.MPACTplus check calibration
    • New, exciting additional aging-parameters for the Cutometer®.MPACTplus - new parameter: maximum collagen power
    • Graphic explanation of complex results.
    • Intelligent software displaying messages MPACTplus messageuseful for handling or servicing the probe.

  • Structure of the software

    To facilitate your work, the measurement window is MPACTplus session exampleorganized as a session. A session corresponds to measurements on one subject in a point in time (T).

    A session can consist of several takes. A take is the measurement with one probe on one skin area. In one take several measurements can be performed, e.g. 3 measurements on adjacent skin areas.
    Thus all measurements for a subject in T can be performed quickly and easily.
    MPACTplus measurement session

  • Study Manager

    • Create a study beforehand: designed to make life easy and save time during work as only a minimum of clicks is needed.
    • Select probe(s) for one session (subject/T) & configure their use.
    • Select number of measurements per probe/site, e.g. 3 Corneometer® measurements at adjacent sites. Then, after the 3 measurements are performed, automatically the next measurement window (here Cutometer®) will open.
    • Tag the different takes: e.g. with skin area, product type, etc. When measurements are performed their identification tags are automatically added.
    • Attach files to your study (e.g. explanations for the operator, photos about application of products or sketches of the measurement set-up, etc.). Those files can be opened for further information in the measurement menu.
    • Add subjects beforehand or anytime during your work in the program. Once created, they will be available for all sessions.
    MPACTplus study manager
  • Tags

    Modern, easy and quick way to identify MPACTplus tagsmeasurements in the database. Examples for tags: product/control, skin site, explanation of the respective T, concentration of active ingredient, etc.
    Create tags anytime during your work in the program. Once created, they are available for all measurements.

  • Tolerance

    The software MPA CTplus offers a function (optionally)MPACTplus tolerance to show measurements on one skin area which are out of a certain range (with regards to the average) in a different color. Thus you can identify possible artefacts (e.g. probe was placed incorrectly or a hair got in the way, etc.) and delete/replace them.

  • Database – Filter & Export exactly to your needs

    • All information about the measurements (results, probe settings, operator, etc.) go into the common database.
    • Select measurements there and view them in detail together with their results side by side.
    • Sort and filter the sessions to export them into an Excel® spreadsheet (e.g. by a certain study, by person(s), by probe or time period).
    • A sophisticated export assistant function allows you to only export those results that you really want to work on statistically (e.g. only averages or only certain parameters).
    • The created Excel®-files contain the results of all measurements and if needed also raw data of curves, charts and images of the measurements.
    All measurements go into one database
    See measurements & details side by side
    a sophisticated export assistant helps to export only the values/results you are really interested in
    conveniently arranged Excel® sheets show details, results, raw data, images and charts
  • Working with the wireless probes - Software MPA WLplus

    The C+K wireless probes are also supported byMPA WLplus software for the C+K wireless probes modern, intuitive software that offers the advantages of MPA CTplus and is specially adapted to the requirements of these instruments.
    The most important advantages of MPA WLplus at a glance:
    • Modern software that is easy to navigate.MPA WLplus measurements
    • Perform free measurements with all available probes or design your study in advance to save time with as few clicks as possible.
    • Clear organization of measurements into sessions and takes.
    • Graphical display of measurements and result MPA WLplus calibration pHvalues side by side.
    • The program's database contains all information about the measurements. Conveniently filter out the data you want to export for statistical calculations.
    • Simple, illustrated step-by-step check calibration* function for the probes** with storable report.
    • and much more ...
    * calibration for Skin-pH-Meter pH 905
    **except for Skin-Thermometer ST 500 WL
    If you are already working with the C+K wireless probes, download a demo version and ask for a license offer.
  • Information

    The software is license-based and a license for MPA CTplus comes with every MPA/MDD system (a license for MPA WLplus with every Radio Recever RR 200 unit). Download the software for a 10 days trial from our download section for registered customers.

    Ask for a license offer now.

    To work with the program, you will need a computer with the following configuration:

    Windows® 10/11

    • Screen resolution: minimum 1280 x 720, recommended 1920 x 1080
    • USB 2.0 / 3.0 connection(s)
    • CPU: Intel i3/i5/i7 3rd generation, AMD Phenom II X4, or higher
    • Optional dedicated graphics card for smoother curve visualization
    • RAM: 4GB
    • a programme to open Microsoft Excel® files is recommended to see exported results

    The software MPA CTplus supports all C+K probes:

    The programme MPA WLplus supports all C+K wireless probea:

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