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Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

Cutometer® in the new software MPA CTplus

Advantages to facilitate your work & exciting new parameters

Features to facilitate your work & exciting new parameters

  • For the first time, the Cutometer® and all otherCutometer® graphical help C+K probes as well as the ambient condition sensor RHT 100 can work in one software and their results are transferred into one database.
  • Take as many curves in one measurement as you need. You can hide/display them for a better view.
  • Use of the exact, dynamical inflection point (IP) of each curve to calculate the standard parameters R5, R6 and R7.
  • See the results of each measurement instantly next to it.
  • Intuitive, graphic explanation of the various results generated with the Cutometer®.
  • Export the results and curve data of a complete study directly to Excel®.
  • All measurement details are available in the database (settings of the measurement, diameter of the probe opening, operator, etc.).
  • Select individually which of the many result data you want to export.
  • Easy designing of studies to make your work as quick as possible.
  • New exciting ageing parameters for mode 2 and 3 (“maximum collagen power”).
  • Open different measurements side by side to compare the details visually.
  • See and save the pressure curve (optionally) to monitor the quality of your measurements.
  • Convenient registering & intelligent messages when working with two Cutometer® probes at the same time.
  • All advantages of the new MPA CTplus software.
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