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MoistureMap MM 200 – new sensor and software

MoistureMap MM 200

Check out the state-of-the-art, sophisticated capacitance imaging system

The new system comes with several advantages:

  • New, very flat sensor surface without metal rim for comfortable placement on the skin.
  • Quick and easy to handle, image capture/live image by a button on the probe handle.
  • Convenient, intuitive, modern software, easy to navigate.
  • Regions of interest (ROI): Select any size for calculation rectangle or circle and move it around. The results change automatically.
  • You can select a second ROI in the same image and see the results side by side and the MoistureMap MM 200histograms on top of each other. E.g. calculate the complete image and compare it to one part of the image (with high or especially low moisture or a lesion etc.).
  • Focusing/cutting-out of objects with specific grey levels in the pictures (e.g. sweat, spots, hair).
  • Numerical values expressing the moisture content based on the extensive L’Oréal research as well as anƐ” value for permittivity and a value to express the homogeneity of moisture distribution in the image.
  • Take a video (.avi) to show kinetic effects of moisture distribution: select the number of frames you want to analyze to show a development over time, especially useful for in vitro applications.
  • As the sensor has no contact to the skin where lines and wrinkles are, they are perfectly visible in the image (background - no signal). In addition to looking at hydration, topographic measurements (polygon size, corner density, anisotropy index) give interesting aging parameters.
  • Extremely easy export of all results, images, and raw data (e.g. histogram) to Excel®.
  • Impressive “3D”-style images to add to your documents and publications

These are only a few of the various advantages. A must-have for the flexible use for researchers in the field of cosmetics and dermatology.

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