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Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

Corneofix® now available in different shapes & sizes


Corneofix Desquamation Tape

New disk-shaped Corneofix® and a pressure-aid-instrument round off the desquamation measurement

In addition to the familiar dispenser with the square desquamation tapes, the Corneofix® is now also available in a round shape. It is the same tried-and-tested film in disc form in two different sizes (22 and 30 mm ∅) - a good alternative for anyone who has worked with round tapes (e.g. D-Squames) up to now. We have deliberately dispensed with a handle on the foils in order to have more adhesive surface available. A pair of tweezers is supplied with the tapes.

We also offer an optional special accessory for all Corneofix®: a pressure-aid-instrument because constant contact pressure of the tape on the skin enhances reproducibility of measurements.
It is equipped with an integrated spring. When you press the tape onto the skin against the pressure of this spring, a small pin moves upwards through the instrument shaft. This allows you to precisely control the applied pressure.

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