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Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

Skin Diagnostic SD 202

For every measurement the suitable device

  • The basic device measures skin hydration and oil (sebum) on skin and hair as well as melanin (pigmentation)/erythema (redness).
  • Configurations with other probes e.g. pH, skin temperature for the assessment of micro circulation or TEWL-index are optionally possible.
  • The display shows immediately the measurement.

skin hydration measurement, easy and quick anywhere on face and body
melanin & redness measurement - skin colour
measuring the barrier quality of the skin (TEWL-Index)
pH measurement on the skin
sebum measurement on skin, hair and scalp

  • Advantages of the SD 202

    • Battery-operated unit can easily be moved around and transported. Ask for a special transportation suitcase.
    • Flexible solution for all kind of measurements
    • They can be used easily on the counter, in a beauty or hairdressers institute, at the dermatologist or in the pharmacy to attract customers and to increase the sales of cosmetic products.
    • The SD 202 can be also operated with the software Dermacheck 3000 especially suitable for aesthetic practice/institute to do single measurements and laser/IPL treatment consulting (if a melanin probe is connected). The software is modular and license based.
    DC start eDC LRA melanin e
  • Technical Data

    Device: Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 4.5 cm, Weight: approx. 0.5 kg, Power supply: 9V battery, Port: USB 2.0, type B connector

    Moisture: Measurement: capacitance, Time: 1 second, Scale 0-99, Frequency: 0.9-1.2 MHz, Dimension: 11 cm, Weight: 41 g, Cable length: 1.3 m

    Sebum: Measurement: photometrical, Time: 10 seconds, Scale 0-99, Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.3 x 2.3 cm, Weight: 65 g, Number of measurement: approx. 400-450 (if the trigger is only pulled down slowly for the next free measuring section). When tape is consumed, the whole cartridge has to be renewed.

    Melanin/Pigmentation & Erythema: Measurement: absorption/reflection, nominal wavelengths: 3 colour measuring system green: λ peak = 568 nm, red: λ peak = 660 nm, infrared: λ peak = 880 nm, time: 1 second, Scale 0-99, Dimensions: 13 cm x Ø 2.4 cm, Weight: 85 g, Cable length: 1.3 m

    pH: Measuring range: pH 0 to pH 11, Resolution: 0.1 pH, Length: 26.5 cm, Weight: 116 g, Cable length: 1.3 m

    Temperature: Measuring principle: infrared, Resolution: 0.1 °C, Dimensions: 13.5 x Ø 2.4 cm, Weight: approx. 68 g, Cable length: 1.3 m

    TEWL-Index: "Open-chamber-measuring-principle", Measuring time 15 seconds, Units: index values: 0-20, Length: approx. 12 cm, Weight: approx. 40 g, Cable length: 1.3 m

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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