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FAQ abot the Sebumeter®/Sebufix®

  • Difference Sebumeter® - Sebufix®-foil?

    Sebufix normalThe sebum measurement of the Sebumeter® is photometrical, i.e. it measures the sebum content quantitatively. The approach of the Sebufix®, where the oil on the skin leaves spots on the tape, is a rather qualitative measurement (optical evaluation how much sebum is produced by the different sebum glands).
  • Unexpected results

    SebumeterSkin consists of large pores and seems oily. The measurement results are rather moderate. What can be the reason?

    The methods to measure skin oil, measure on the surface not the oil in the skin. If skin has been cleansed or dabbed before the measurement, existing oil on the surface is removed and the results are respectively lower. The time of the day also plays a role. If you want to perform real comparison measurements, it is recommended to do that at the same time of the day.

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