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Mobile Data Collector DC 3000

An Interesting Approach to Collect Efficacy Data of Products in the Real Consumer Environment

This small, easy to handle, low weight, battery-operated device is an interesting, extremely cost effective approach for efficacy testing and claim support. It features the worldwide acknowledged Corneometer® CM 825 to measure skin hydration for use as a „home test" to be sent to the volunteers. Hydration tests with the Corneometer® are standard in efficacy tests of the cosmetic industry.

  • Use of the Device

    Mobile Data Collector device

    The Mobile Data Collector softwareMobile Data Collector comes in a small suitcase and can easily be sent all over the world together with the testing products and a manual for using the device, which will contribute to the geographic expansion of recruiting volunteers. It has a digital display and an interface for the computer. In addition the Ambient Condition Sensor RHT is connected to the instrument, recording temperature and relative humidity for each measurement. The device can be programmed with the number of the volunteer. It can save over 3000 measuring values together with time, date, R.H. and temperature internally or on a chip card.  The measurements can be executed by the volunteer him/herself several times a day over several days following a specially designed schedule at any place (e.g. at home, work, leisure etc.) as it is easy to use and carry around.

    After the study is finished, the device is sent back toMobile Data Collector software excel the laboratory. The values are read out with a simple software, which allows a database to be created which can be further processed by spreadsheet analysis e.g. in Excel®. The measuring values can also be sent from the volunteer to the laboratory during the study via the internet on a regular basis by just connecting the device to a computer using USB. The saved measuring data cannot be manipulated by either the volunteer or the laboratory.

    At the moment, it can be delivered as a hydration measurement device. Other measurement parameters such as sebum or pigmentation/erythema measurement can be added to the system on request.

  • Advantages & Fields of Application

    • Perfect tool to support claims and efficacy testing of skin care products in addition to the classical tests.
    • Enables collection of important information on the efficacy of the products in everyday use.
    • Field studies with frequent regular measurements exert a certain control of the volunteers. They will be more careful and disciplined in acting according to the protocol and in applying the product knowing that the skin measurement values are recorded more regularly. They feel as though they are being supervised.
    • Regional restrictions can be overcome. Volunteers from all different climate conditions or ethnical groups can be included in a test. This is a new approach since until now volunteers are mainly recruited from the area around the test facility.
    • It is a perfect complementary addition to the classical standard laboratory tests.
    • The Mobile Data Collector DC 3000 provides very interesting new convincing marketing arguments for the product promotion.
  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: 15.5 x 14 x 4.5 cm, Weight: 0.17 kg, Power Supply: 9V battery, Port: USB 2.0, type B connector


    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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