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Tewameter® Triple TM 330T

Three Heads in one Probe of the Worldwide Most Used Device for Transepidermal Water Loss

With this innovative new probe of the Tewameter® a variety of additional options are available for the users.

  • Advantages & Fields of Application

    Why using 3 Tewameter® heads at the same time?
    The Tewameter® Triple TM 330T offers all advantages of the "open chamber measurement" and has additional benefits:

    • Extremely accurate and quick measurement of the TEWL without changing skin structure and the microclimate of the skin (pressure, Tewameter Tripleocclusion, temperature). The small measurement chambers minimize the air turbulences inside the probe.
    • The three probe heads can be placed independently and completely flexible on the skin surface, e.g. close together or further apart. The setting is very easy.
    • With three probe heads a larger skin area can be measured reproducibly and very fast.
    • During the measurement the software shows the TEWL-value, the average and the standard Tewameter Tripledeviation of each head. The overall average is also automatically calculated.
    • A measurement on three different skin sites (e.g. three different products) can be performed simultaneously under the very same environmental conditions in a very short time.
    • A suitcase to transport the probe serves at the same time as check calibration facility.
    • Optional changeable & sterilizable adapters for the measurement surface are available.
    The Tewameter® Triple TM 330T can be connected to the MPA-systems.

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  • Measurement Principle

    Tewameter principleThe open chamber measurement of the Tewameter® is the only method to assess the TEWL continuously, which is necessary for most applications without influencing the skin surface. Numerous studies are available.

  • Technical Data

    Probe only:

    Dimensions: three measuring chambers: each 2 cm, Ø 1 cm, length of the probe: approx. 24 cm, width, when all chambers are located close together: approx. 6.4 cm, cable length: 1.3 m, weight: approx. 120 g

    Resolution: relative humidity ± 0.01 % RH, Temp.: ± 0.01 °C, TEWL: 0.1 g/h/m², Measuring area: TEWL 0-320 g/h/m²

    Operating conditions: T: 10-40° C, RH: 30-70 % RH

    Measurement Uncertainty: for 10° C to 40° C and TEWL-values lower than 70 g/h/m²:

    TEWL: ± 10 % of the measured value plus ±1 g/h/m² for RH between 5 % and 90 %,  ± 15 % of the measured value plus ± 2 g/h/m² outside this range

    Temperature (T): ± 0.2 °C for 10 °C to 60 °C and ± 0.5 °C outside this range

    Relative humidity (RH): ± 2.0 % for 5 to 90 % RH and 10 °C to 60 °C, ± 3.0 % outside these ranges

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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