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Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440

A Flexible Way to Look at Skin & Hair Colour and More

The Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440 is a new generation of colour measurements on skin, hair and other material in the CIE L*a*b* colour space. With two interchangeable measuring tips and new placement aid feature, even small skin areas can be precisely captured.

  • Advantages of the Skin-Colorimeter Flex

    • The absorption and reflection behaviour of skin differs very much from other materials, as the skin consists of different, translucent layers, making colour measurements of the skin very complex. The Skin-Colorimeter probe is specially designed to detect smallest colour changes very close to the skin surface, thus ideal for comparison measurements.
    • Most modern electronics for maximum Skin-Colorimeter Flex - easy to position, easy to cleanaccuracy, LEDs with high CRI (colour rendering index)
    • Two interchangeable measuring tips that optimally illuminate larger and smaller skin areas: cylindrical 13 mm Ø illumination area (like the predecessor model CL 400) for skin & hair and conical 7 mm Ø illumination area for particularly small skin areas, pigmented spots and lesions, nails, lips or other materials.unique placement aid for Skin-Colorimeter Flex
    • Unique placement aid: Light spots overlapping each other the closer the probe gets to the skin surface indicate where exactly the measurement will take place.
    • Hygienic: sealed electronics and removable tips can be cleansed easily.
    • Very quick and easy measurement (only 1 second)
    • Automatic calculation of ITA (Individual Typology Angle) for each measurement. ITA uses L* (luminescence) and b* (yellow L*a*b* display in softwarechromatic) to classify 6 skin colours from very light to dark.
    • Light, constant pressure of the probe on the skin surface with minimized effect on the surface (pressure on the skin leads to changes in microcirculation and thus influences the colour).
    • The accuracy of the Skin-Colorimeter probe can be checked easily anytime.
    • Hair clip available to place the probe conveniently directly on the hair surface.
    Skin-Colorimeter Flex - convenient skin colour measurement
    Skin-Colorimeter Flex - measurements on hair possible
    Skin-Colorimeter Flex - measure precisely on small surfaces
    Skin-Colorimeter Flex - colour measurements all over the body

    The Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440 is available as a stand-alone device and connectable to the MPA systems (please see details in Basis Systems).

  • Measurement Principle

    Colorimeter flex principle

    The probe sends out white, high CRI LED light, arranged circularly to uniformly illuminate the skin. The emitted light is scattered in all directions, some parts travel through the layers and some is scattered out of the skin, the light reflected from the skin is measured in the probe and expressed accordingly.unique placement aid for Skin-Colorimeter Flex

    Light points overlapping the closer the probe comes to the skin surface and different sizes of measurement tips help to place the Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440 perfectly on even smallest skin sites.

    The raw data (XYZ-values) of the probe are corrected with a special colour matrix to be as close as possible to norm values. The measured colour can be calculated into different colour spaces.

    RGB colour space: can be understood by thinking of it as all possible colours that can be made from three coloured lights for red, green, and blue.


    Der L*a*b-FarbraumThe CIELAB color space (also known as L*a*b*) is a color space defined by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). Each letter represents an axis. Correlation between the color space and the human skin:

    • L* gives information about the black-white-axis, the brightness/ lightness, the higher L*, the brighter the skin.
    • The a*-value located on green-red axis is proportional to the erythema (microcirculation/redness of the skin). A higher a* value corresponds to higher erythema.
    • The b*-value located on the blue-yellow axis in literature often describes the pigmentation.
    ITA e
    In addition the Individual Typology Angle ITA° is automatically calculated from L* (luminance) and b* (yellow chromatic). ITA° is an established tool to objectify skin colour for predicting the biological consequences of UV exposure on the skin (the lighter the skin, the higher the consequences).
    • ITA° > 55°                  “very-light”
    • 55° > ITA° > 41°         “light”
    • 41° > ITA° > 28°         “intermediate”
    • 28° > ITA° > 10°         “tan”
    • 10° > ITA° > - 30°       “brown”
    • - 30° > ITA°                “dark”
  • Fields of Applications


    The probe has been developed especially for measuring changes in skin & hair colour.

    • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical efficacy tests, like self-tanners, make-ups, whitening products, patch-testing, decorative cosmetics, hair and carotene food supplements.
    • With the conical measurement tip especially small surfaces e.g. pigmented spots and lesions, nails, lips or small animals can be captured more precisely.
    • Colour measurements on other materials (e.g. plants, fruits, metal, tissue, etc.)
    Typical claims (examples) substantiated with the Skin-Colorimeter: sun protecting, whitening/brightening, skin tone correcting, soothing, micro circulation increasing, vitalising, anti-allergic, anti-irritation, safe, anti-pollution, for sensitive skin, self-tanning, colouring, colour protection, improves healing, concealing, anti-aging, against dark-spots/age-spots/couperosis/dark-circles, non-photosensitive, and many more.
  • Technical Data

    Probe only:

    Dimensions: 16 x 2.5 cm, Core measuring area: Ø 6 mm, Illuminated area: Illuminated area: approx. 13 mm Ø (cylindrical) and approx. 7 mm (conical)

    Cable length: approx. 1.3 m, Weight: 95 g

    Measurement principle: reflection, Light: 3 high CRI white LEDs arranged circularly, range of emitted wavelengths: 440-670 nm, Units: XYZ, RGB, L*a*b* index values (due to the unique structure of the skin and the special light source the values do not fully correspond to ISO standards and are therefore expressed as index values), calibration to skin colours with a special correction matrix

    Measurement uncertainty: ΔE < 2 units

    The probe is not available as a wireless probe. The wireless probe is supplied with Skin-Colorimeter CL 400 technology.

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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