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Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH

Sensorimeter SR 100

Combining Sensory Analysis with Objective Measurement Methods

The consumer's subjective evaluation of products is taken very seriously by the cosmetic industry and is part of almost every efficacy testing. Questions and answers result in a sensory product profile. Experience, taste, attitude, social background, culture and moods of the consumers contribute to the sensory analysis.

  • Use of the Device

    The answer of the sensory questions is entered by the volunteer with the control slide on the front of the unit and is seen on the back (not visible for the volunteer) on a display (in %). Sensorimeter backEach attribute of a product can be scaled from 0 (product property fits not at all) to 100 (product property fits very much). In addition to sensory analysis, measurements with the C+K probes can be performed (e.g. before and after application of a product) to receive complementary information (e.g. question: "Does your skin feel more moist" with an objective skin hydration measurement with the Corneometer®).

  • Advantages of the Sensorimeter

    • Unique combination of subjective opinions and objective measurements.Sensorimeter bars
    • The infinitely variable control slide is easy to handle and mirrors the volunteer's subjective feelings.
    • The convenient software of the Sensorimeter SR 100 allows easy configuration of questions and answers. When connected to the software, the values entered by the control slide are immediately seen on the screen.
    • Personal data of the volunteer and results of the sensory analysis and the measurements can be saved.
    • Graphic product profiles can be generated and printed out.
    • All data can be exported for spreadsheet analysis (e.g. Excel®).
    • Light weight and extremely easy operation and transportation with and without software.
  • Fields of Application

    The device is an all-round talent which can be used for all consumer product fields in market research and efficacy testing (e.g. cosmetics, food, textiles, packaging and many more industries).

  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: 18.5 x 13 x 7 cm, Weight: 0.1 kg, Power Supply: 9V battery, Port: USB 2.0, type B connector

    Connectable probes: Corneometer®, Mexameter®, Skin-pH-Meter®, Sebumeter®

    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.

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